Timely information!Thanks for submitting your CoCoRaHS report. One of the regular users of CoCoRaHS rain, hail and snow data is the National Weather Service (NWS). Regardless of when you submit your reports, the information you transmit is useful and appreciated. However, if you would like your data used in daily weather and river forecasts, then please submit your daily precipitation report by 9 AM each day. Submit hail and intense precipitation reports as soon as possible during or after storms to aid forecasters in issuing severe weather statements. 

Some of the CoCoRaHS Volunteers in North Central and North Eastern Washington State
Call Sign        Geographic location     Distance

                         Okanogan County ( by region)
WA-OK-1        Brewster                     .07 SW
WA-OK-14      Brewster                      2.5  NNE
WA-OK-19      Nespelem                   8.3  NNE
WA-OK-3        Oroville                        9.2 WNW
WA-OK-5        Oroville                       1.2  NNW
WA-OK-15      Oroville                        6.0 SW
WA-OK-2        Tonasket                     7.0 E
WA-OK-4        Tonasket                     4.1 N
WA-OK-13      Twisp                          1.3   ESE
WA-OK-11      Winthrop                     3.5  WNW
WA-OK-12      Winthrop                     3.3  SE
WA-OK-15      Winthrop                     6.8 NNW
WA-OK-18      Winthrop                     12.7 NW

                         Lincoln County
WA-LN-1         Davenport                   14.8 N
WA-LN-2         Grand Coulee             3.5 ESE

                         Ferry County
WA-FY-1         Republic                      4.2   N
WA-FY-2         Republic                      8.4   NNE
WA-FY-3         Inchelium                     2.5  SE
WA-FY-5         Republic                      3.6   S
WA-FY-8         Kettle Falls                  10.2 NW

                         Stevens County
WA-ST-1         Clayton                        2.6 SW
WA-ST-5         Northport                     8.3 SE

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